NJ Man : Sub Brand of Nicola Jay Academy

Tue 27th June, 2017

Sub Brand of Nicola Jay Academy, NJMan. Nicola Jay Academy also specialises in Scalp micropigmentation also commonly known as SMP.

Nicola Jay Academy : Website

Tue 27th June, 2017

Following on from my design of Nicola's brand and initial brochure, I have now created her initial website ready for ongoing development as her skincare business expands.

Cheshire Green Gardens

Thu 9th March, 2017

New initial website for client offering a complete gardening service to be developed as an ongoing project.

Betasoft Exhibition Folder

Thu 9th March, 2017

Cover for Betasoft Exhibition Folder.

SWIMWOD : Emma Gage

Fri 17th February, 2017

SWIMWOD is the new brand for tailor made swimming programmes created by Emma Gage uniquely for athletes to follow, to help them achieve their goals! Emma is a 3 x world champion and 2 x world record holder in swimming...

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