Fri 28th February, 2020

Create a brand for a Digital Marketing Agency that encapsulates the following:


In sociology, a dyad (from the Greek: δυάς dyás, "pair") is a group of two people, the smallest possible social group. As an adjective, "dyadic" describes their interaction....

Cork of the North

Sun 26th January, 2020

Client owns 2 wine bars (looking for a third) Brief: Develop existing brand onto a business card in a style that can be rolled out on all corporate promotional material

ZECA Services

Mon 6th January, 2020

Devise a name and a brand for a client who offers a variety of services to the public. After 5 minutes of talking to the client I discovered he was Portugese by birth, was known as Zeca when he was...


Mon 6th January, 2020

Creating a brand for a start up business delivering medically qualified Botox injections for a variety of treatments

Apparel for WM Reply

Mon 11th November, 2019

Supply 100+ branded hoodies to corporate business

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